Virtual Music & Movement For Kids Age 3-6 

Since COVID19 began to reshape our world, at least for the time being, I know that we are all spending a little more time indoors and apart from one another. However, I would like to try and bring a little bit of fun and learning to your family. Over the years, I've worn many hats: actor, singer, musician, director, music director, teacher, coach...And I'd like to bring all of that varied experience together and create a unique online class for kids!

A little about the class:


My overall goal with these classes is to get the kids exercising, exploring new things, and continue learning in a fun, creative, and engaging way. In every type of class I have ever taught, I try to be sensitive to three basic pillars; building blocks that I have used in putting this curriculum together. They are:


1)    Education -  Each week we will delve into a different topic, reinforcing learning from home and school. All activities will be themed around each topic and there will be healthy discussion throughout the lesson. Lesson themes planned include: The Alphabet, The Seasons, Cars, The Jungle, Superheroes, Nursery Rhymes, and others!


2)    Fitness – Each weekly lesson will involve a full-body warm up to begin class and an energetic “performance” to close out the class. We will work on body awareness, physical freedom, and building/identifying core muscle groups. Each lesson is carefully constructed around rotating methods of exercise: General Fitness, Dance, Yoga, Pilates, and Zumba – all modified for kids!


3)    Creativity – Of course, no music class would be complete without giving students room to explore and create. Each lesson will be accompanied by a thematically appropriate musical playlist, played during various sections of the class. Before our day’s final activity, we will have a short 5-8 minute musical lesson based around the day’s theme and musical selections. Planned lessons include: High pitches v. Low pitches, Our Musical Alphabet, Tempo, Rhythm, Breath Control, and others!


I am so excited to launch this program and hope that my unique skills and background can bring a little fun and learning to you and your family! Thank you so much for your time and I hope to see you in MUSEMENT CLASS!


Best wishes and stay well,


Zack Krajnyak

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