It's Time to Manifest

Updated: Jul 22

Welcome to my virtual journal dedicated to new beginnings and fresh starts.

After a year and a half of isolation, forced self-reflection, and colossal shifts in perspective, many of us find ourselves left with a new commitment to living more authentically. More fully. More fulfilled. As we look ahead, we yearn to more opening celebrate even our smallest of victories and unapologetically embrace our moments of unbridled happiness. We wish to inject more positivity in to this strange and often overwhelming universe, leaving this planet all the better for our time on it.

Since the pandemic disrupted our world, I find myself constantly flirting with reinvention. I long to be better, to focus on the many positives which surround me, and to connect with others again. After being literally ripped out of the world and confined this last year, I, like many, feel a bizarre new appreciation for the space I used to inhabit; space which I now feel unquestionably worth of. I am, perhaps for the first time, aware of my power and proud of my ability to bounce back and move forward.

So, in the spirit of celebrating this reclamation of space and myself, this feed will be full of reflection. There will be no shortage of thoughts and feelings on the things that I am most passionate about. Be prepared for nerdy content and some bragging about the people in my life who are so special to me. And I will be talking about my Pandemic Puppy, who is just the damn best.

For me, this will be an exercise in creativity and writing. But it will also be an experiment with the powers of positive thinking, one which will hopefully lead to changes - tangible and emotional - as I begin this exciting and much-needed new chapter.

I'm wishing you all luck as you embark on your own post-pandemic journeys. Let's get out there and start manifesting. It's our time.

- ZK

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