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Voice Lessons

Age 13 and up

Music Theory

Age 12 and up

Piano Lessons

Age 4 and up

Audition Prep

Age 13 and up

Through my work as a multi-hyphenate teaching artist, I have had the consistent privilege of drawing from my passions, skills, and love of my craft. Having worked with artists - of all ages - for over a decade, I believe it is my responsibility to create an environment that offers a satisfying challenge while providing a safe space for optimal learning. One of my greatest joys is to witness the growth of my students as they build technique to carry with them throughout their artistic journey, all the while learning to confidently embrace their unique identities as artists. 


In addition to teaching within the NYC School System through the historic New York City Center, I operate a private studio out of my home in Manhattan, where I offer tailor-made lessons for anyone who would like to learn.  I currently offer voice, piano, and music theory lessons, in addition to acting coachings and audition prep. If you are looking for something more specific which might intersect with my skills, please don't hesitate to reach out. 


See you in the studio! - ZK :)

"Having worked with over a dozen voice teachers across the country over the past decade, Zack is a stand-out mentor and coach. He meets you where you are and focuses on your personal and professional goals, setting a steady pace while still challenging you. I look forward to my weekly lessons with Zack, not just for the vocal growth, but for the positive energy and environment he provides. Highly recommend studying with Zack regardless of your age, professional goals, or current vocal level!"

- Adult Testimonial

"Our 5 year-old daughter began piano lessons with Zack a few months ago, and the results are already wildly impressive. She knows all the notes of the scale, understands rhythms, plays the melodies of songs in her book and most of all - really enjoys it. Zack is encouraging, positive, patient and dedicated to what he does. We can’t recommend him highly enough. We’re both professional musicians, so our musical expectations are high… and Zack continually surpasses them! Hire Zack to teach your kids piano. You’ll be happy you did. "

- Parent Testimonial

"Mr. Zack is great! He is upbeat and teaches in a fun way to help little ones feel safe and comfortable."

- Parent Testimonial

"We love Zack! He is enthusiastic and encouraging. He teaches the fundamentals of piano in a very accessible way. My 7 year old has progressed very well with just a couple months of lessons with him."

- Parent Testimonial

"I have been taking lessons from Zack for a couple months now via a virtual platform. I'm an adult with very little experience taking piano lessons in my distant past. I have always played by ear, but I want to learn to read the notes and put together chords. Zack is teaching me so much about this! I am loving my lessons and where it's taking me with my piano playing." 

- Adult Student Testimonial

"Zack is pure gold! My 4 year old has been taking virtual piano lessons with him since March 2021 and has learned a great deal in such a short period of time. Zack is incredibly charismatic and energetic, my son has so much fun during his lessons and looks forward to them each week. I highly recommend Zack!"

- Parent Testimonial 

"Zack is fantastic!  My son can be very shy and sometimes it takes a while for him to build connections.  But he has always seemed very comfortable in Zack's class, he feels like he's supported, he's learning and developing and he's enjoying the experience - and that translates into progressive confidence in singing the material"

- Parent Testimonial

"Zack is fun!!! My shy boy who was was skeptical of singing really enjoying this class." 

- Parent Testimonial

"My 7 year old son enjoyed his first piano lesson with Zack and is excited for his next lesson! "

- Parent Testimonial

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